First of all, and certainly not unimportant: you buy second-hand golf balls. These so-called 'lakeballs' are taken out of the water by our diving team at many golf courses in the Netherlands. It means that they have already been used once. To assess the current condition of each ball, the Best Buy Golf Balls team uses their own eyes and hands and they are divided into qualities and are given a quality rating: AAAA or AAA or AA.

Why? Because one lakeball is used more than the other. One golf ball has been hit new into the water and the other has already completed some rounds. One golf ball costs € 6.00 new and the other one costs € 1.00 new. One brand of golf ball lasts a lot of rounds and the other brand only a few. One is quite scraped and battered and the other has come out of the battle unharmed so far. But whatever condition the lakeball is in, every golf ball deserves a second owner, but not every lakeball deserves the same price tag. This way, every golfer can decide for himself which quality he wants to use and what he wants to pay for it. But what is also very important: by playing with lakeballs we help the environment! Because a golf ball does not belong in the water and thus harms the ecological water quality. We are happy to explain what the different quality designations at Best Buy Golf Balls mean.

This lakeball is as good as new. There is very little or no damage to the cover, the golf ball is clear in color (not necessarily white) with some very slight discolouration. It can have advertising or company logos and / or small player markings.

This lakeball looks like an average golf ball that has already been played with. It can have very minor to some superficial damage and it is smooth to slightly rough to the touch. The cover may already be slightly worn but the dimple pattern has not been affected. It may be discolored. It may have advertising or company logos and/or player markings.

This lakeball has damage. It often feels rough and the cover may be worn to the point that the dimple pattern is slightly affected. It may be discolored. It can have advertising or company logos and / or player markings (sometimes a little, sometimes a lot).

This lakeball is very badly damaged. There is a small to large fracture that is superficial to very deep. We do not sell this golf ball because you can no longer play with it.

Of the 1,000 golf balls that are removed from the water, an average of 20% is suitable to qualify for the AAAA quality designation. About 45% qualify for AAA and about 25% for AA. Then there is only 10% left: 5% is broken and 5% are driving range golf balls (yes, it is really true: there are people who go into the course with driving range balls ?!). When you buy a quality mix, you always get more AAA than AAAA quality.

'QUALITY' according to 'Van Dale'
quality (the; v; plural: qualities)
1) degree to which something is good; constitution, quality; nature: the quality of this golf ball
2) function: in its quality of golf ball (Every golf ball, every brand, every type has its own price and quality!)
3) good quality: golf ball with qualities ability: quality golf balls

Quality therefore says something about what a golf ball can do on the one hand and about its condition on the other. Our quality rating is about the condition of the lakeball and partly determines that the golf ball must still be able to do what it was made for. The price of a lakeball does not say anything about its lifespan! A 4 piece ball with a lot of qualities does not last as long as a 2 piece ball with less qualities. There are a lot of urban myths about lakeballs. And most stories say that a lakeball can't do what he should be able to do anyway. I personally think the the following statement is the best: "a lakeball hits 35% less far than a new golf ball". Even a good friend (and pro!) believed this story had some truth to it. He couldn't be convinced with words and so we tested it together with him. The lakeball hit just as far as the new one. The only thing that is true is that one brand and type strikes further than another.

And finally an important point! As mentioned, the quality is determined by people. And there is a disadvantage to this: people just make mistakes now and then. Should you, in your eyes, have received such an error? Do not hesitate and contact us straight away! We can work it out together!

Do you want help making a choice or do you have a complaint? Then contact us! This can be done by email to [email protected], but our customer service can also be reached by telephone from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 22:00 on telephone number +31647488968.

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